“Young Men” from the series “Stages of a Man’s Life”

We want our young men to be leaders today and not wait until tomorrow. Those in the teen years to age 30 are more likely to sin. This is a time of over-confidence and invincibility. They may lose their way and miss what’s really important in life. There is a period called the “Drop Out” phenomenon in their lives when they may decide to drop out of school and/or church. Fathers need to encourage them to engage in excellent works of righteousness and be serious over holy issues. Those who live according to God’s standards tend to avoid criticism. God demonstrates His transforming power. We can all be influential in others’ lives. These young men need to be accepted as an example. They can know what the Bible is and what it teaches, but not have had enough time to show their knowledge to the people they are trying to reach. It’s not just about the talk, but also about the walk. Psa. 119: 9-11 speaks to giving them the word of God to help them follow God’s path. We all need to be an example to the world and not follow the paths of the world. By our works and by our conduct are we known, in all situations. We need to be reflecting Gods’ teachings so that others can see. Sin is very alluring. It can draw us into its clutches before we know it. In 2 Tim. 2:22, Tit. 2:6, and 1 Pet. 1: 14-16, we see that we need to be holy because God is holy. God counts on us to be a living testimony. In Dan. 1:4-5 the desired characteristics of a young man are listed. In 1 John 2:14 it speaks to the young men who have overcome the evil one. In all we do, we honor You.

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