The amazing message of Christmas is not that we chose God, but that God chose us.

Pastor Tom did a dramatization with Rodney Fletcher for our Christmas service today. The drama portrayed the loss of a loved one near the Christmas season. Remembrances of how much she had meant to him, how she had decorated for the season, how this loss and loneliness affected his feelings for the Christmas season. Then his grandson (Rodney Fletcher) came to visit and helped him to see the meaning of Christmas. . .how it is a giving time. He read the story of Jesus' birth from Matthew 1, told of Emmanuel (God with us), and of the greatest gift we've ever received which came from God.

As we live our lives, we get caught up in our own activities and end up not including or contacting our friends and loved ones as often as we should. The Christmas season reminds us that God sent His son Jesus to save us, to give us hope, and that our lives are not meaningless.

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