Text from Luke 9:23

Jesus said, "Follow me DAILY." Are we willing or reluctant? ALL Believers who choose to be disciples, because it's not mandatory---we choose it, make this possible by agreeing that Jesus is our rightful Lord and Savior. We learn the truth and apply it in our lives DAILY. There is no one and no thing that will stand between Jesus and me if I choose to follow Him. That doesn't guarantee smooth sailing and a wonderful life. Life deals us hard trials and challenges. John 16:33 says that there will be trouble in this world, but never more than we can handle. We live through one day and then there is another and another. He is the reason we live. Christ is FIRST. We can't choose for others or live life our own way.

Living life the "Jesus Way" involves sacrifice, suffering and death, but that isn't the way it is every single day. Some days are much easier than others. The suffering and losses are mixed in with our joyful and peaceful moments as well.

Luke 9:24, 25 says to save your life is to lose it and to lose your life to Jesus is to save it. That is illogical. . .keeping is losing. . .losing is finding makes no sense in the common scheme of things. The value of our soul is worth so much more than any worldly thing we could imagine. It's the way of the cross or the way of destruction. Which way will you choose?

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