David's Mighty Men

David had a magnificent elite force of fearless warriors who were very devoted to him and to his missions. They fought for David and for God, When David had to flee from King Saul, these men still supported David and were in peril of falling to Saul because of their allegiance to David. Three of the most highly rated, outstanding warriors were Adino, Eleazar and Shammah. The next three most highly rated were Joab, Abisha (Joab's brother) and Benaiah (in charge of the guard). They had command roles.

David was in hiding from Saul in a cave near Bethlehem. He was thinking about having a drink from the well outside the gates of Bethlehem. Just a thought he expressed aloud, which 3 of his higher ranking men heard. They decided they would go get David the water. They made a daring journey with no thought of the dangers they could encounter along the way, and brought back the water for David. David was overcome by their bravery and dedication to him, but could not drink the water. He poured it out onto the ground to favor God.

God often times intervenes when impossible opportunities arise, and we allow God to work and do things through us. He molds us. As humans, we have a fear of missing out and messing up. So we look ahead 20 years or so and wonder, "Can we be pleased with what we've done or disappointed with what we haven't done"? Better than "good" ideas are "God" ideas. Doing the will of God may make us look foolish, but we do it anyway. God wants us to get where we want to be. He uses our past experiences to prepare us for future opportunities. Keep pressing on with faith, commitment and unity.

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