Foundation of Society

Strong marriages and families keep our society strong. Following creation, God commanded that we be fruitful and multiply. Marriage came about for one man and one woman for a lifetime. The basic and natural foundation of the family was put in place by God. The children in the marriage learn the basics of life from their parents. They see the love of the father and of the mother. This is how the children learn about a stable relationship. They are affected by the examples given them by their parents. They will grow up to be parents using the information they have learned as they grew up.

Exodus 20:12 tells us to honor our father and our mother showing respect for them and their authority over us. This respect will extend past the family to include other authority figures in their lives.

Exodus 20:14 tells us not to commit adultery. The faithfulness and loyalty of both parents will extend forth into the children's lives to keep those values important to them.

If these 2 principles are followed there could be worldwide differences seen in the behaviors of the people. Failure to instruct our children and instill in them responsible, respectful behaviors can cause much heartache and distress in so many lives.

It is the responsibility of the parents to discipline with love. If God's work and His principles are given to our children while they are young, they will carry these principles through their lives, and share them with their children. Hearing these instructions as they are growing up will direct them in more responsible ways when they are grown, which will then hopefully be passed on to other generations.

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