Daniel Chap. 1 - This book explains to us how we don't have to compromise our beliefs. In 586 BC Jerusalem was destroyed. The people had failed to observe the sabbath for the land (it was to be left fallow for a year), and they had not done this for 490 years. They were also worshiping idols. We have a very patient God, but He is not patient forever. There were 3 invasions of Judah by the Babylonians. Jehoiakim submitted to Nebuchadnezzar and took all of the best children of the king's and prince's seed to teach them the ways of the Chaldeans over a period of 3 years. Daniel and 3 of his friends were among those taken. They were given new names. Daniel became Belteshazzar. The other 3 became known as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These were names that referred to the Babylonian Gods. It was done to erase any Jewish history from these specially selected Jews.

These 4 had very strong Jewish roots and agreed to learn all that was asked of them, but not to eat the food that they were told to eat. This went against the king's wishes, but it was an important issue for Daniel, who was destined to become an important person in God's plan for His people. God has everything in His hands. Small choices have huge impacts in our lives. Their non-compromising spirit allowed God to honor them with enhanced intellectual abilities. God will enable us to accomplish His will. Daniel was able to interpret dreams. God knows what we need to do and He helps us to make it possible.

More to follow in the messages to come that will help us to understand it better. The Bible can be difficult to understand, and when we analyze all chapters of a book, it helps make it easier.

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