A Nightmare

In Chapter 4 of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar writes his autobiography telling of his reign, his ruin and his restoration. He makes a royal proclamation declaring that God is the most High and rules over all. God will go to any length to demonstrate His authority. The dream of a tree in this chapter is interpreted by Daniel as a warning to the king about his prideful ways. The king went insane for 7 years. A time to submit to God's will. Some ask why this wicked man was given a kingdom to rule in the first place, and it was said that God couldn't find anyone worse!

Daniel hesitated to interpret this dream because of his concern for the king. He had to tell him that he would be humiliated for 7 years until he accepted God as the highest over all. At the end of his time period, the king finally blessed the Most High God. He had boasted of all he himself was able to do without God. He had built 3 palaces, 17 temples, 2 walls around the city, canals, the Ishtar Gate, and the Hanging Gardens (one of the 7 wonders of the world). We are never so empty as when we are full of ourselves. God is sovereign. The king had to have an exultation in his heart regarding God. God can humble those who walk in pride. We know why we praise God. His grace and mercy are available to all. God goes the long way to reach all who would deny Him.

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