Go Fish

Mike Chambers from Johnson University in Kissimmee was our speaker today with a message from Luke 5:1-11. We weren't there when the gospels were written, so it's hard for us to believe what has been written from such a long time ago. Luke wasn't an eyewitness. When he wrote his book, he had investigated all the reports in close detail (see Luke 1:1-4). Being a doctor, he had great attention to detail. Jesus was close to the "ordinary" people throughout His teaching history. He engaged the crowds using a very different way of teaching. The fishermen were washing their nets after a very long night of fishing with no results. Jesus got into one of the boats, and went out to sea a short distance. He spoke to the crowds from a boat similar to the one in the picture above.

When life is a grind, it's always helpful to know that God is a part of our lives. Jesus told Simon to fish out deeper. Simon hesitated. He thought that he was better qualified than Jesus to know about fishing. But since Jesus told him to do this, he did. Simon caught more fish than his boats would hold. He was so astonished with what Jesus was capable of doing. No obedience brings about no blessings. Simon fell on his knees before Jesus and called Him Lord. This was a title most Jews only used for their God.

We are encouraged to read in our bibles often and to reread the scriptures. This practice will give us a new look each time. It's a book that needs to be absorbed. Today's world and culture often have very little to do with the knowledge of God's presence. Jesus called these fishermen to become fishers of men. They left everything behind and followed Him.

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