God Will Fight Our Battles

Moses tells the people that God will fight for them, they just need to be still. So why would God arrange all that? God wants them to know that He is in control. He is the Lord, their Deliverer and Salvation. God had power over nature when He parted the sea, and power over pharaoh. Moses points them in the right direction not knowing how it would be done, just knowing that He would.

When we're overwhelmed, trusting in God strengthens our faith in Him. They had been marking time for 40 years before they left the wilderness. He asked them to be still and to trust in Him. He fights our battles for us, but we are involved in the battle. We're not just standing idly by as God does it all. When the people disobeyed, God stopped helping. Ex 23:27-30 says He sent hornets ahead of them to prepare the way. It is not known exactly how that was accomplished. Ex. 34:11 says He asks them to obey and He will drive out the enemy. Those who inhabited the Promised Land were vile and evil. Deut. 1:29-31 says the Father protected them throughout the whole process and carried them through.

The people often forgot to keep God in their focus, and God would have to remind them of their allegiance to Him. He doesn't promise us easy times, but will carry us through them unscathed. I Cor. 10:11 says all was written down to give us courage to face the hard times. His will and His outcome may not be what we're expecting, but will be in our best interest. Relying on Him brings us peace. John 16:33 says trouble will come - God will overcome. We ask for God's help through our prayers. He will take care of you.

Psa. 34:19 says afflictions will come, but He delivers us out of them all. Do we presume to depend on God or actually do it? Isa. 41:10 says God is our helpmate. Psa. 20:7 tells us to Trust in God . Heb. 4:16 tells us to come to God for grace and mercy. Keep the FROG in mind for this little helper when we lose our focus: F - fully R - rely O - on G - God. He will fight our battles!

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